Yes! Your booking with Snaptravel is 100% guaranteed. You can read more about our guarantee here.  

If your reservation isn't showing in the hotel's system, this is likely because they haven't yet processed it on their end. Hotels mark rooms as sold, but do not input guest details until closer to the check-in date. As your check-in date approaches, the hotel will process your information and be able to pull up the reservation.

If your still worried and your check-in is less than a week away and the hotel still does not have your booking, 

please complete the form linked here.

  • The request type for the form should be "Re-confirm my booking". 
  • In the description, please state how you have reached out to the hotel and what their response was in regards to your reservation
  • Please remember to include your Snaptravel order ID, check-in date, and email associated with the booking


Note that Snaptravel reserves the right to charge a $30 fee to process these requests.

If you are encountering problems at check-in, please click here.