Snaptravel Response:

We understand this is a stressful time for everyone and, in many countries, a national emergency. We have staffed up our customer service agents and are working around the clock to issue credit refunds for all our guests. Unfortunately given these circumstances, we need to wait until we get written approval from the hotel as well as our supply partner. This process may take 30+ business days. Please sit tight as we all try and get through this difficult time together. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

1. If your booking is refundable and you want to cancel, we recommend that you cancel within the cancellation policy. Please do so while your refund is guaranteed, as it will be much easier down the line (even if you re-book at a later date). 

If you do not wish to use the booking, it is your responsibility to cancel the booking during the refundable time period. If you submit a cancellation request and, due to high volumes, we receive it after the refundable period, you will not be eligible for any type of refund. Instructions on how to cancel your refundable booking can be found here.

2. If your booking is non-refundable and you want to cancel, we have modified our policies in light of the situation. If your booking is eligible, the value of the booking may be compensated in credits, which can be used to re-book your travel. These credits expire after one year. By filling out the form, you are granting us permission to cancel your booking, and negotiate for a credit refund on your behalf.

To claim this offer, please fill out our feedback form with the 'Coronavirus Cancellation' option. Submit one form per booking (If you have 2 bookings, submit the form twice). Please ensure the email you enter is the same one attached to the booking. E.g., use the same email you made the booking with. 

Though we are working hard to get through volume as fast as possible, it can take 30+ business days to process these requests. Your patience and understanding is appreciated in this difficult time for travellers everywhere.

Please note that you are only eligible for a credit refund if your checkin date is upcoming (i.e., not in the past) and on or before August 31st, 2020. We regularly update our policies so please check back to see if bookings checking in on September 1st onwards become eligible for submission.  

If you made your booking on or after April 14, 2020 you are also exempt from this offer. 

All valid requests are subject to hotel and partner approval, so it is not guaranteed (though we will try our best). As always, we follow the policies of our travel partners. Though we will negotiate on your behalf, we cannot change or waive their policies or fees of our partners.

If you have written hotel approval to waive any cancellation fees, please attach that to your form submission. In some cases, it may help expedite your case. To qualify, written approval must be from a hotel's general manager or reservation department and include:

  • Your name, checkin and checkout dates
  • Confirmation that the booking has been cancelled free of charge with no other penalties 
  • A statement that the booking can be refunded in full
  • Name, signature and contact information of the approving party

Any general documentation e.g., hotel policies will not be accepted as we are a third party booking site and subject to different rules with our hotel and travel partners. Thank you for understanding.

An example of how to fill out the feedback form is below. If you have already submitted a request, you do not need to call or email for a status update.

Coronavirus Tracking:

To view the latest updates on COVID-19, please visit:  

- World Health Organization

- Center for Disease Control